Introducing the Velohawk Bike Stand

The newest essential for your cycling kit. The Velohawk Bike Stands offer a new standard for your bike with sleek lines and cool details. Made in New Zealand, its steel frame is sturdy enough to hold your pristine racing bike, with trim that protects it from damage. Easy to move, it offers convenience and versatility to make sure your bike is never propped against the wall, other bikes or kicked in the hallway.


With classic and elegant colour schemes that suit your interior decor or stand out with a splash of vibrant trim, you pick what best suits your style and personality.

The Perfectionist Bicycle Stand

You have customised tastes and defined needs to have inner peace.  You are not OCD, you just like things how they should be. Let us know your colour schemes and needs and we can create a new bespoke piece of art to complete your cycling kit.

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  • Custom Colours

    Want something a bit different, something that specifically tickles your fancy or matches your bike? Let us know and we can custom paint a bike stand to your standards.

  • Stylish Bar Tape

    To add that extra splash, we can add a flash handle bar tape to the stand (like this one from Cycology) Match it to your bike, your cycling kit, give it some subtle colour or make it a work of art, this stand is your oyster.

  • Custom Leather Trim

    Want a refined option to show your bike off? Trim your stand in high grade leather. Elegant and refined, it's all about the details. (Custom colours and textures on request)

Velohawk Bicycle Storage Pods

Our top end bicycle storage pods are an architectural piece that is easily incorporated into both interior and exterior locations with the security required to eliminate the threat of theft and bicycle damage as well as appeal to the design conscious consumer.

Designed in New Zealand with an award winning team of designers and engineers, including America’s Cup marine experts. Engineered and manufactured in the UK with the best composite materials, ensuring the most secure storage for your high value bike.

Electric Lock, alarm, interior light and weather proof construction.

Contact us for pricing and to place a pre-order.

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The Velohawk Claro

The Velohawk Showhawk

Our Velohawk Bicycle Pods offer a stylish, secure way to protect your pristine machine, whether it be a valued classic, limited edition or your everyday mate, we know your bike is important to you, so we offer the best in market to keep it safe.

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The Velohawk Story